THE WHALE IS like its name giver super friendly.

with its volume it is easy to paddle and userfriendly for take offs.

The wide outline in the front allows you to have fun on it, you want to ride a wave with your kid? go for it! with your dog? go for it!

But if you want to get serious the narrow outline in the back ensures its ability to turn soft and easy.

A low entry rocker and a low rocker going all through the board makes it

possible to catch even the tiniest waves and ride them as long as you want.

With the moderate length of 8´0“ you have no problem to take it with you in a plane or just travel around.


A super fun board for everybody!




- A recyclable eps core 

- organic flax fiber 

- basalt reinforcement

- eco based epoxy resin

- no additional colour added to the board, just let the material do the design.

- comes with FSC FUSION finplugs, if you want fcs 2 or other finsystems just let us know ;)


Surflevel:  all


Sizes: 8´0" x 22 3/4 x 2 7/8







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